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this broken heart sang loudly ! :'(

Monday, 13 June 2011 | 17:56 | 0 ?
i see the way she looks at him. i see the way she listens. i see how much it hurts

her to listen about his newest crush. i see the advice she gives about these crushes.

it hurts to help him find someone else he can love. he doesn' t seam to see that the

perfect person is right in front of him. i watch her break her heart a little more

each and every day. she breaks it for him. she wants him to be happy. even if it

means she will be sad and alone for the rest of her life. she truely would change

every aspect of her being just for this one guy. and he has no idea. he holds the

greatest power the world has ever known at his fingertips. and he doesn't know. she

breaks her heart each and everyday because she cannot tell him. tell him that

simple little thing. tell him that she loves him.


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