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my hearts note.. =')

Monday, 13 June 2011 | 18:06 | 0 ?
i`ve met a guy  who`s not scared to laugh at me 
& call me a loser when i do something dumb.
a guy that`ll run up behind me & cover my
eyes & ask me to guess who he is, even 
though it`s pretty obvious. a guy who hides
behind a corner & jumps out to scare me,
so he'd have a reason to hold me. a guy that
leaves me numerous voicemails, just cause.
a guy that`d call to wake me up in the morning,
cause he wants to be the first voice i hear each
day. a guy that would never let go of my hand.
a guy that would look me in the eyes & tell me he 
loves me. & mean it. yeah, that guy. i think i found
the guy i`m supposed to give my whole heart to.


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